Traveling porcelain

We organize creative porcelain workshops for you and your guests, where you can hand paint various porcelain objects using professional colors.

The workshops are lead by porcelain artist Janis Ronis who will not only guide you through the art of painting on cups and plates, but also will tell interesting stories about the art and history of porcelain.

Painted objects are baked in a special kiln with very high temperature which would allow them afterwards to use everyday and even wash in a dishwasher. It is possible to bake the objects at your place or to receive them ready on the next day.

In the workshop we will provide cups, plates and other objects to pain, the paints, and all auxiliaries, training and baking.

Price - starting from 4,50 LVL (per cup). If the amount of the workshop is less than 30 objects, travel costs should be reimbursed.